Women smoking cigars

Women smoking cigars together very long. Cigar smoking was highest for men and women, rich and very select few (people in Queens and etc). Cigar smoking was seen as a male endeavor, smoking fine cigars prove that you have good business sense and business experience. success.

Which shows cigars.
Cigars show strength because it is a phallic big money because you have to have more money to buy a good cigar and the power you tell me that you are threatening people smoking cigar. The average woman does not have income in their spending and buy cigars, but now the women received them they were collected on smoking cigars because of their wealth and their assets. Ironically, collected from tobacco cigars as a phallic image, you will find that women behind the cigar counter in every tobacco shop while.

What men think about women smoking cigars.
You will find some real men support women smoke cigars. Some people say that it is a good idea and help show the strength and women. "Night of Power". Some men think that women smoking cigars sexy. Women cigar smokers, although people respect other people's opinions because not care about what others think of them. Some women smoking cigars and not just hard or soft flavored cigars are respected in the heavy smoking cigars is still considered male.

If you want to smoke, and society at the same time, then the tobacco lounge. You can buy many types of cigars, including Arturo fuente cigars and you will be surrounded by several other tobacco enthusiasts. Is very interesting because the majority of club members are men and they are amazed when they see a female pop for 1 or 2 cases.

1,980 women in the purchase of ten percent of the cigars. Now women are buying 2% of all cigars sold! Percentage increase in 3000! Now think that many women are smoking cigars in the next 20 years! Is estimated that approximately 3-5 women smoking cigars every month.

Women who smoke cigars show floor. Women cigar smokers should be proud of and that they may not want to light cigars or for the full women smoking cigars will be widely and quickly.

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  1. Informative read about women smoking cigars,The cigar has been a symbol for privilege,prestige and power. Women are less afraid of embracing typical male pastimes for relaxation,like smoking a fine cigar.Cigars have recaptured their traditional symbol of success,celebration and achievement.

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